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Worry: A Misuse of Creative Thinking

My good friend, and author of many self-help books, Steve Chandler, advocates that: “worry is a misuse of creative thinking.” I totally agree with Steve. Worry does not change anything—taking positive and constructive action does, but worrying about them doesn’t.

If you are a worrier, probably, in most likelihood, you worry about things that happened in the past or worry about things that might happen in the future. For sure, you cannot change past events—nor does worrying about future events change them or keep them from happening… but, by using your creative thinking, and taking positive action now, most certainly can alter future events—but, just worrying about them doesn’t.

Also, worry, stress and anxieties in and of themselves stymie creative thinking. The mechanism in your brain that is used for creative thinking is the same mechanism that is used to deal with the emotions of worry, stress and anxieties. The worry, stress and anxieties not only override your ability to come up with creative ideas of how to resolve current problems but create the emotional feelings of depression and hopelessness.

Hypnotherapy can remove the emotions associated with worry, stress and anxieties and free-up the mechanism in your brain for you to create some truly astonishing ways to have event in the past no longer trouble you and to discover creative ways to deal with events in the present and future and motivate you to take positive and dynamic action to resolve them.

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