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They Called it Hypnosis

I am writing my second book, They Called it Hypnosis, but I am writing it backward from my first book As the Pendulum Swings—A Memoir.

As the Pendulum Swings begins with my earliest interest in hypnosis, tells the story how I became a hypnotherapist and ends by describing my unique approach that was developed over 44 years and working with tens of thousands of clients; then describes how to use the hypnotic process.

They Called it Hypnosis is a work that begins with setting forth, not how to do hypnosis, but rather the principles that makes it work. It explains the driving force behind the hypnotic process and describes how our mind tells our brain how to cause us to emotionally feel and physically act.

Anton Mesmer called it Animal Magnetism, his followers called it Mesmerism, James Braid called it Hypnotism, but the term that best describes the underling process is what I call it—Perceptionism.

Stay in touch for future blogs that will describe what “hypnosis” is and what ‘hypnosis” is not and why Perceptionism best describes the process and how it works.

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