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The Bradian Pendulum Demonstration

If what I profess is true—i.e., that the human brain automatically responds to messages it receives from its mind, and that our perceptions are the means by which our mind and brain communicate—then there must be a way to demonstrate the validity of my claim… and there is… It is just that the human mind is most open using the process when in a state of hypnosis.

For hundreds of years many hypnotists have used a pendulum (the swinging of a watch or some other object for the subject to stare at) to induce a state of mind in which a subject is receptive to suggestions. A method I used for several years early in my practice.

In addition many hypnotist and practitioners of metaphysical disciplines use pendulums to probe unconscious secrets that are hidden from a subject’s conscious awareness.

While one of my mentors was in the process of teaching me to do hypnosis the right way (his way) he wanted to demonstrate a technique for uncovering subconscious memories by using a pendulum to determine the answer to questions.

The idea was to have a subject hold a pendulum (he used a marble attached to a 10-inch jewelry chain) with thumb and forefinger over the palm of the other hand, and whichever way the pendulum swings determines the answer to a question. The subject is then told that if the pendulum swings in the direction that the subject’s fingers are pointing the answer to a question is “yes.” If the pendulum swings crossways the answer is “no.” If the pendulum swings in a circular direction it means, “I don’t know” or “maybe” or “it’s none of your business.”   And if the pendulum doesn’t swing at all, either the question was asked wrong or the subject is not cooperating.

So Linda (our practice subject) held the pendulum over the palm of her left hand and Eric asked, “Is your name Sam?” Immediately the pendulum began swinging crossways to the direction her fingers were pointing—“no.”

“Are you in love with someone?” The pendulum swung in a circle.

“Does that mean that you don’t know?” The pendulum swung crossways—“no.”

Does that mean maybe you are in love?” the pendulum began swinging crossways again—“no.”

“Does that mean that it is none of my business?” And the pendulum swung in the direction her fingers were pointing—“yes, it’s none of your business.”

It was obvious that Linda consciously knew the answers and it appeared to me that she was intentionally moving her arm to make the pendulum swing in the appropriate direction to confirm that the answer corresponded with her conscious knowledge.   However, Linda said that she did not try to move her arm and that the pendulum just seemed to swing all on its own.

I had dismissed any thought that this “parlor trick” might have a useful purpose relative to hypnosis or demonstrating the powers of the human mind and brain, until I once again engaged Socrates in a dialogue.

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