Testimonials Lindsay, I am a 6 month non smoking and have no desires to smoke, thank goodness.  I can't thank you enough for that one. I came back to you for weight loss and that is going good as well.  I have lost 16 lbs. since I saw you in your office via a treadmill and eating healthier, so I am very happy with these results and look forward to getting into my size 10 jeans soon. The mind is a powerful thing as you well know.  I am very strong willed, but for me, I really needed your help to make my perceptions of the above more clear. I have only listened to the non smoking CD once, the weight loss I have listened to 4 times now to help me stay focused and positive.  I do still eat some of my favorite foods, but in much smaller portions.  But overall I have chosen healthier foods for my daily life.   I never have and never will believe in "Diets", you have to make your choices a way of life.  That frozen stuff that comes out of a box is not for me. Andrea M. ********* Linsday, I came to see you in September (2 sessions) for insomnia and purchased your book. I finally finished your book - what a great read! Very humorous and full of great information. When I came to see you I was on three meds - 2 for sleep and 1 for anxiety/depression - and I still couldn't sleep. Although I thought that going thru the "perceptionism" sessions didn't really help me that much, I must have gained enough information through them and your book to help me as I took myself off all medications and feel better than I have in years. The med (Trazodone - aka Deseryl) I had to wean myself off of is a horrible drug to come off of - even though the doctors that prescribe it say it is benign, non-addictive & safe for long-term use. I came off of it in a record 31 days to the amazement of everyone and had none of the "withdrawal" symptoms I'd heard/read about. I told myself, after hearing all of the horror stories of people who tried to go off of it - on doses 1/4 the amount as I had been on for 20 years - that I would not have the same problems as they did and that I would have little to no adverse symptoms. And, I didn't! I now sleep better than I have in 5 years. What prompted me to write you is on page 384, 2nd paragraph, of your book, specifically, to quote: "The problem is that when we try to break out of a negative rut it seems so hard, and the perception that it has to be hard reinforces the neural pathways so it seems all the harder to change our behavior, ..." I actually weaned myself off the drugs before I read this paragraph and when I read it I went "AHA!!!" The sessions did help me! Lorraine C. ********* Lindsay, I was fascinated by your stories and love your findings about perceptionism.  This was exactly what I needed, even though at times it confused me because it was completely different some of what I have learned!  I can't wait until I get stronger at writing my suggestions on the fly that is the hardest part for me right now. Thank you so much for the opportunity to read your book, I enjoyed every page.  It was great entertainment from the good old days with the stories about Eric! Jodie C. ********* Dr. Brady, I saw you about 10 years ago and you changed my life. I can't thank you enough for how you helped me to be more assertive. I left a bad relationship, and I am now married to a wonderful woman and we have 3 beautiful kids. I think you helped me to get all of that. I just came back to Phoenix, and heard your ad on KFYI, and would love to see you again.  Again, thank you! S. Smith ********* Hello Mr. Brady, Well its almost December 26.  This was the day that in a way saved my life.  I called your office with every intention that I would have to just make an appointment.  With every intention that I would cancel it.  I called and someone answered the phone and I hung up then I called back and you answered the phone.  When you suggested that I come in at 3 pm I said no (making up an excuse) then you said ok then Ill see you at 1 pm...and you gave me directions.  With total hesitation I agreed really not wanting to go and really not wanting to quit.  I smoked like a train as I drove to your office.   I got there and had my doubts thinking god what am I doing im wasting my money....... Guess what Mr. Brady I am coming up on my 1 year anniversary of being a non smoker.  I am so thrilled that I don't smoke any more.  I still have a few triggers but my mind it able to over come them.  I want to thank you for helping me.  I owe you so much.  My husband who also smoked also quit 4 months after I did cold turkey.  Once he saw that I was serious and was able to quit for a period of time he was finally able to. I also refer you to everyone who asks how I stopped smoking. Thanks again Mr. Brady.  Sincerely, K. Williams   *********   Hi Lindsay, Since meeting you I've looked forward to writing you a note to say that making your acquaintance you was a delight. I've waited to write though, for two reasons. One, to let some time pass in my new nicotine free state and second, to take the time to ponder what your method and its success might mean in other areas of my behavior. I'm profoundly impressed that since your hypnotic treatment (a couple of hours the late afternoon of November 30th) I've not taken any steps to break my tobacco free state. Thank you. I'd like to meet with you again. I've two additional concerns which negatively affect my life, anger and aimlessness.  Onward, Lynn ********* Lindsay, Thanks! It's working! I keep waiting for my old habits to kick in, but they just don't. Usually on Sunday night I sit back with a glass or two of wine and some sort of snack and watch HBO's "Sex and the City". Last night I sat back with a glass of ice water and watched the show and was fine! I listened to the tape yesterday to reinforce everything. I've been telling everyone about our session. You may get a couple phone calls. Last Friday we had an impromptu happy hour at work. My FAVORITE snack food was there - tortilla chips, salsa and layered bean dip -- yum! I had celery sticks with a bit of ranch dip! I did not feel left out while everyone else was scarfing down my favorite snack. I didn't even have ONE chip! Thank you thank you thank you! -Kris   **********   Lindsay, First of all I want to thank you for last weeks session to stop smoking. Since that day, I don't smoke, Of course, why would I, I am a non-smoker lol. I have been listening to the tape at least twice a day. The smoking part of the hypnosis and the exercise part have been going well. I bought a bike and have been riding everyday, and I joined a Tai Chi class that meets twice a week and I am ready to get back to the gym. Sincerely,  K. Crawford   **********   Mr. Brady, I visited you on June 3, 2003 for your assistance in kicking the nicotine habit. As of today I am still 100% smoke free. I have referred so many people to you so they too can share in the success of being a non-smoker.This is by far the easiest and most painless way to quit smoking for good. Little did I know that when I went to see you that day, that I was pregnant with my first child! Thanks for helping me to give my precious little daughter a clean and healthy start to her brand new life. I am forever indebted to you. You really helped me to discover the power within myself. M. Drake   **********   Dear Mr. Brady, Just a note to let you know what happened after our session to work on making drawing blood and taking blood pressure "not an issue." I used the tape about 3 times as a refresher ... certainly is a great relaxation tool. Went to my complete physical at the Mayo Clinic.  I was wary of the blood related processes, but I wasn't petrified.  At the first test of BP, I was mentally still uncomfortable, but ... and this is big ... I used the "relax" suggestion ... and the sitting BP was 120 over 70 --- just about perfect.  A few minutes later, the test was repeated lying down ... 130 over 80 ... I was more anxious anyway but I could "relax" on command. Had the EKG-Cardiac Stress test ... never had that before ... requires cuff and BP testing every 3 minutes or so for 12 minutes ... I didn't "like it" ... but the relax suggestion kept me on track and cooperative ... and the technician said the BP responded correctly and properly throughout the exam. Had blood drawn ... I shut my eyes ... the technician was very good ... I just used the relax suggestion to stay calm. Bottom Line:  My absolute best performance since I was 18 !    I owe it all to the hypnotherapy ... so please accept my heartiest thanks. Thank you! R. Stevens   *********   Hi Mr. Brady, I just wanted to follow up with you on a visit that I made to your office back in February.  The results from my session with you have been outstanding.  For the past couple of months I have not taken any sleep aid and for the most part I have slept great.  Of course, I do have my occasional evenings where I find it difficult to fall to sleep but those have been very limited.  I have also noticed that I do sleep pretty deep now instead of feeling like I am "halfway" asleep all the time. I was thinking about making a second visit to your office just to "reinforce" my good sleeping habit to deal with those evenings that I do have problems.  I was wondering what you thought about that and what would be the charge for another visit? Anyway, I mainly wanted to say thank you for helping me through this problem.  It's amazing what just one visit to your office can do!  Take care and let me know about the 2nd visit. Kevin   **********   Dear Dr. Brady, My stepson recently visited you for a drug addiction problem. Even though it has only been about 1 week since his therapy his mother and I have noticed significant change in his attitude and demeanor. We have more hope now for a complete recovery that we ever had in the past, and this step toward a better life has already proven to be more positive than any other steps he has tried. Charlotte and I are very grateful for the help you have given. Sam K.   ********** Hi Lindsay, I wanted to give you a quick update since our session on Monday. I have lost two pounds each day for a total of six pounds. Absolutely no hunger at all. I eat my NutriaNutri system food and I feel completely satisfied. I’ve kept my appointments with the treadmill! I’m simply amazed. I have referred your card/name to several friends, and I am becoming your biggest promoter!! I can’t thank you enough. Rebecca   ********** Mr. Brady: I want to thank you for your time and helping me out.  I have not had a single between-meal snack ever since our session last week.  As of today I am down six pounds!  This time around it is going to work.  Thank you again. A. Fuller ********** Hi, You helped my mom get over her phobia of wasps over 10 years ago. It worked great. My primary issue I need help with is moving on and healing after my divorce that was finalized in last year. I want to stop pining after him and obsessing about him and his new girlfriend. If you can help my mom get over a lifetime of being terrified of wasps I am sure you can help me get over my anger and jealously. Helen ********** I've started smoking at age 13 and I am 61 years old to date. I was easily smoking 2 packs a day all the way up to the day I spent less than hour in your office on 10/21/14. I was a huge skeptic but I kept an open mind, in my opinion this borders on the miraculous in itself.  I've known about the possibilities of hypnosis for many years and never tried and never wanted to gamble my money on another failed attempt of any kind.  Recently I noticed some limitations in my breathing during routine lifting and decided it was now worth the gamble. May God bless you, I am smoke free and I have had no interest in smoking and absolutely no nicotine withdrawals exactly as you promised.  Nicotine being highly addictive is absolute nonsense, I have had zero cravings and hardly a thought. It simply is not part of my life anymore. I highly recommend your program to anyone that has a need to change something for the best. If I could quit smoking anything is now possible to correct with hypnosis and I will be thinking on other personal improvements we can address as time goes on. Tony F.