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Here is my 5+5 Success Formula

for getting stuff done and improving your life.



Over the past two decades,

since its creation, clients who followed this step-by-step formula, along with applying self-hypnosis (the meditation part of the formula), report having achieve their goals and objectives with greater ease than they would have otherwise expected.

A word about Goals and Objectives… What’s the Difference?

Although the two terms are interchangeable by distinguishing the difference can help to get you from where you are to where you choose to be.

In general Goals are long-range and don’t change over time—they are ongoing.
Objectives are the step-by-step actions that move you toward your goals.


  • Maintain a successful business is a goal.
  • Creating an affective website is an objective.


  • Enjoy a long-range relationship is a goal.
  • Participating in mutual interests and activities are objectives.


  • To be recognized as being at the top of your profession is a goal
  • Engaging in additional education, trying out different ways of thinking and acting are objectives

A word about Goals and Objectives…

What’s the Difference?





Choose Your Future—Five Planning Steps

  1. Choose Your Future. Choose a goal or objective you desire to achieve.
  2. “End Result Statement.” Write your goal or objective in detail. Describe it in the present tense—as though it is already achieved.
  3. Create a Doable, Step-by-Step Plan. Create a written plan. Include a specific time for starting each step of your plan and reasonable time to complete each step. Review this plan and prudently consider: “Does each step occur in a logical sequence? Is the time allotted for completing each step realistic?” If a goal does not have a specific, realistic, deadline it is only a wish.
  4. List Your Present Assets. Consider your abilities, attitudes, talents, skills, knowledge, education, and the human and financial resources that are now at your disposal. Write a detailed description of how you can use each of these assets to achieve your goal or objective.
  5. Additional Assets. Do you need additional knowledge, skills, resources, money, education or a change of attitude to achieve your goal or objective? If yes, then apply this success formula to acquire each asset you need.


Create Your Future—Five Action Steps

  1. Take Action; Eliminate Procrastination. Establish a work schedule—a “log in” and “log out” time. During your “log in” time, dedicate all your, energies, creativity and resources to the task at hand. Keep focused, but occasionally, ask yourself: “Is what I’m doing right now effectively contributing to the achievement of my ‘End Result’?” If the answer is no, STOP what you are doing and START doing something (anything!) that will move you closer to achieving your chosen goal or objective. When “logged out,” enjoy spending time with your family, friends, and being engaged in other activities—knowing that your “log in” time was constructive and well spent.
  2. Creativity and Motivation. Schedule a “special” time each day to stimulate your creativity and to keep yourself motivated and on course. To do this, find a quiet place, make yourself comfortable, get your mind and body into a relaxed meditative state, and read aloud your “End Result Statement.” While reading, “perceive” your end result as though it has already been achieved.
  3. New Ways of Thinking and Acting. During your “meditative-creative” time, rehearse with your mind the steps still needed to be accomplished to achieve your goal or objective. As new ideas—better ways of thinking and acting–become apparent, jot them down so you can apply them to your step-by-step plan. Be willing to scrap (discard) old habits and ways of thinking. Keep an open mind to the suggestions and ideas of others—be flexible. And then adjust, fine-tune and refine your thoughts and actions.
  4. Continue. Keep a written record of your accomplished steps so you can see your progress. Before one step is completed, schedule the next one. Continue completing one step at a time, in spite of resistance, fear and self-doubt that may, from time to time, arise from within yourself, or from opposition of those around you. Keep taking action and continue developing, refining and fine-tuning your skills and attitudes. Keep on taking action until you achieve your goal or your objective is no longer relevant.
  5. Choose Another Goal or Objective. With the added confidence of this success, choose another goal or objective and apply the five planning steps and five action steps to achieve it!
© Lindsay A. Brady, 2001



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