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The Mind Brain Connection

I am convinced that your brain will automatically cause you to follow and carryout any instructions it receives from your mind.

 Your brain is the organ housed in your head that controls everything about your physical, mental and emotional being.

Your mind is your conscious awareness—yes, your consciousness is your mind.

I must clarify what I mean when I stated “Any behavior.”

We must recognize that we do have some physical and mental limitations.  For example: I am 5’6” tall, well over 60 years old and could probably not hold down a starting position on a professional basketball team—I’m a little short and a little old.  Some people have brain injury or illnesses that stymies their ability to think  clearly or recall accurately. However, for the rest of us our limitations are created by falsely precising that we the can’t change our unwanted behavior.

Taking into consideration any true limitations you may have, I am convinced that your brain will produce any behavior your mind instructs it to produce.  Well, if that is true, question is: how do you get your mind to tell your brain how to act and feel.  How do you say to yourself: I’m going to quit smoking; I’m going to stop eating so much and start exercising; I’m going to stop my procrastination; I’m going to stop being stressed-out and anxious; I’m going to get over my fear of heights; I’m going to get rid of being anxious about public speaking… how do you say any of these things and then have it all happen automatically?

Next Weeks Sneak Peak:

How do you get your mind to tell your brain to create the behavior you want?

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