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Knowledge Does Not Determine your Behavior

Once again (as set forth in a previous blog: your behavior is not determined by what you want but rather by how you choose to be)—so it is with knowledge. Knowledge does not determine behavior! If knowledge determined your behavior you would have already changed and I would be out of a job! My approach to hypnosis changes your self-perceptions and  consequently your behavior changes.  It is just while in a state of hypnosis your self-perceptions are more easily changed.

You already know what to do to be healthy and trim; you already know that smoking is not good for you; you already know that being stress out and anxious does not make anything better; you already know that it is irrational to have a fear of heights, insects, closed in places, driving on the freeway or of public speaking; you already know that being angry, critical and being physically or mentally abusive does not enhance relationships…. Your knowledge does not determine how you feel, what you do or what you say. Your behavior is determined by having been conditioned to respond to different stimuli or how you perceive yourself responding to other people, circumstances or events—not by what you know.

Hypnotherapy can remove your negative responses to other people and events; to get rid of the emotional reactions to what other people do, or how they act and to get your behavior consistent with your knowledge.

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