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Hypnosis Happens While in a Conscious State of Sleep

I have been a hypnotist/hypnotherapist for over four decades and have worked with over 35,000 clients. The process that is called hypnosis is a process that is always going on in the human brain and can be intentionally used to change and alter behavior. Yes, hypnosis is a process that happens between the human mind and brain. However, it appears to me, that a client does go in to a state of hypnosis, but just being in a state of hypnosis nothing happens to a subject’s behavior until their brain receives a suggestion the creates a perception to behave according to the suggestion.

You can be asleep but still aware and conscious… as in dreaming: While dreaming a dream you are not unconscious! While dreaming a dream you are perfectly conscious of what you are dreaming, and even remember it sometimes when you wake up. But while dreaming a dream you are in fact asleep. So that must mean that we can be both at the same time—asleep and conscious. It is while in a conscious state of sleep that the process of hypnotherapy works best to make a change in behavior.

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