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Emotional Independence

There is a principle that I call Emotional Independence… An aphorism that is based on a stroke of inspiration that was triggered by one of my clients many years ago, and over time, has been refined by additional feed-back from other clients. This dictum simply states: What other people are does not determine what you are. My question is: Why should how other people are, cause you to feel stress or anxieties?

I had a client exclaim, “If I could only divorce people out of my life, then I wouldn’t be stressed-out, anxious and angry.” Of course that is not practical.

I explained to him that the behavior of other people—what they say, the things they do and how they treat others would be the same if he would have never been born. They do not behave as they do because there something wrong with you, they act that way and say those things because that is how they are… So, why are you letting them determine your stress, anxieties or anger?

The “Emotional Independence” comes by having peace of mind, and a sense of well-being independent from the behavior of other people, circumstances and events that happen in your daily life. I am not saying that you are oblivious of what is going on, nor am I saying that you don’t take positive action to fix the things that are fixable, what I am saying is, that you are at peace, have peace of mind and a sense of well-being while fixing them… and if you can’t fix them, particularly the behavior of other people, they shouldn’t be an issue.

I have helped hundreds, maybe even thousands; experience a state of emotional independence through the process of hypnotherapy. A process that changes a person’s self-perception from “I am stress-out, anxious and angry because of other people” to “I have peace of mind and a sense of well-being no matter the behavior of other people.”

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