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Defining Perceptionism

A Conversation with Socrates

Socrates: Explain to me what is wrong with hypnosis and hypnotism?

Me: Okay, it appears to me that the phenomenon that is called hypnosis is not a state of mind into which or under which a subject goes, but rather a state of mind in which the process that is called hypnosis works. Hypnosis is a process that goes on between the human mind and brain… the state in which it works is not a process. But what I need is a word that is dynamic and defines the process by which the human mind can intentionally tell its brain and body how to emotionally feel and physically act. And, aside from the negative ideas associated with hypnosis, the word itself puts the power in the hands of the hypnotist rather than in the subject where it belongs.

Socrates: So what you are asking is that you need a term that describes the process, not the state, in which the process works. And that a hypnotic subject does go into a state of mind in which the process works but the subject does not go into or under the process that is called hypnosis. Is that right?

Me: That is exactly right.

Socrates: And that the power that drives the hypnotic process lies within the subject and not in the hypnotist?

Me: That too is exactly right.

Socrates: To find such a term to describe the process have you looked in a dictionary or a thesaurus to find a better term to express your idea?

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