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A Chicken Plague!

My first experience with actually applying “hypnosis” (at least that’s what my next door neighbor, Gary Asay, and I called it) was on his dad’s chickens!

By laying a chicken on its back and slowly waving a hand in front of its eyes for fifteen seconds it becomes paralyzed. Once it is “hypnotized” it will just lie there for an hour if it is not disturbed.

Another way to hypnotize a chicken is to lay it on its stomach and with a finger repeatedly, from its beak outwards, draw a line on the ground about a foot long with a finger. The results are the same. The next time you have a live chicken in your hands, try it. It always works.

I had another neighbor, Lionel Brown, whose father had a small chicken ranch. One day “Liney” (that’s what we called him) and I thought we’d play a joke on his dad.

Just before the time his dad’s routine would take him out to tend to his flock, we “hypnotized” several of his chickens (some on their backs, feet sticking up; others on their stomachs, wings stretched outwards) and placed them in various locations in the chicken yard. When Mr. Brown walked into the yard it appeared as though some plague had struck the throng—we could hardly contain our sniggering as we witnessed his curssing.

We emerged from our hiding place and Liney told his dad what we had done. We were greatly relieved when Mr. Brown thought it was more humorous than we did. We one by one gave each of the fatalities a little nudge with our foot, which caused it to resurrect, jump up and squawk away.

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