As the Pendulum Swings

By Lindsay A. Brady

This book is not only a book about “hypnosis,” but also a memoir about how my life has been transformed from one of fear, low self-esteem, guilt and self-doubt into one of confidence, joy and peace of mind by using the process called “hypnosis”—a process more accurately described by the word perceptionism. It is a story about my personal crusade to overcome the manacles of tradition, bigotry, closed-mindedness and self-imposed limitation that eventually led to being at peace with myself and pleased with who I am.

It is a tale of becoming a hypnotherapist and developing a unique approach to effectively help my clients rid themselves of unwanted habits and self-destructive behavior. It is a book that tells stories about the lessons I learned from thousands of clients that, in turn, compelled me to scrap obsolete terms, techniques, methods and even some of my most cherished concepts. It is a book about having to adjust my approach and methods in order to effectively help my clients more easily achieve their goals, engage in healthy behavior, be free from guilt and find happiness and peace of mind. It is a story about solving the puzzle of how to demonstrate to my clients that perception is the means by which the human mind, brain and body communicate with each other. It explains how human consciousness can intentionally instruct its brain to bring about healthy behavior and create an emotional state of well-being that is independent of past experiences, present conditions and the uncertainty of the future. And it is a story that validates the power and the dynamics of taking charge of now.

This book is a treatise intended to dispel outmoded ideas about “hypnosis” as being something a person goes into or under, or that it is a trance in which a person is unaware. It tells the story of how the vague, stale term, hypnotism (which implies nothing about a process), is transformed into the definitive dynamic term, perceptionism… the driving force behind the “hypnotic process” and human behavior.

Finding Peace of Mind Through Joy of Consciousness

Take a deep breath and relax all the tension in your body because you are about to read some things that will make you very happy. The key to a mentally healthy and fulfilling life is yours to use… it’s in you already; the search is over.

Steve Chandler, Author of Fearless

Enjoy As the Pendulum Swings—an entertaining true life story of a hypnotherapist who richly transformed his own perception and life through helping over 27,000 clients.

Challenge yourself to grow personally with the innovative, progressive, enlightening—and even humorous—information about how the mind works that Brady delivers with brilliance and depth.

Investigate the phenomenon of past-life regression wtih Brady as he asks: Did we really live them or did we not live them? You decide!

Discover the driving force behind “hypnosis.” Learn what “hypnosis” is and what it is not—what it can do and what it cannot do.

About the Author

As a professional hypnotherapist since 1970, Lindsay A. Brady, C.Ht., has conducted sessions with over 27,000 clients. Because of his unique approach to hypnotherapy and his effectiveness in helping his clients achieve their desired objectives, he is nationally recognized as a leading clinical hypnotherapist. He has also performed stage-show hypnosis. In 1990, he established the Lindsay A. Brady Institute for Hypnotherapy.