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The Evolution of Hypnosis

My interest in hypnosis has spanned 60 years. My first exposure to hypnosis was in my sociology class during my senior year in high school (1955) when our teacher hypnotized... Continue Reading

Emotional Independence

There is a principle that I call Emotional Independence… An aphorism that is based on a stroke of inspiration that was triggered by one of my clients many years ago,... Continue Reading

They Called it Hypnosis

I am writing my second book, They Called it Hypnosis, but I am writing it backward from my first book As the Pendulum Swings—A Memoir. As the Pendulum Swings begins... Continue Reading


There is a phenomenon in human behavior that is most commonly called hypnosis and to a lesser degree mesmerism but I call it Perceptionism. The underlying principles that define Perceptionism... Continue Reading

My Inner Room

My Inner Room and Socrates When I have a problem to solve, or a question to resolve, I take it into my inner room and discuss it with Socrates. My... Continue Reading

Defining Perceptionism

A Conversation with Socrates Socrates: Explain to me what is wrong with hypnosis and hypnotism? Me: Okay, it appears to me that the phenomenon that is called hypnosis is not... Continue Reading