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Service vs Pleasing

Recently I was a part of  a webinar hosted by my British friend Jon Prince, The Perception Coach…  (I quip to my family and friends that I often talk to... Continue Reading

The Mind Brain Connection

I am convinced that your brain will automatically cause you to follow and carryout any instructions it receives from your mind.  Your brain is the organ housed in your head... Continue Reading

Perceptionism Not Hypnotism

If what I said in my earlier blog is true, “Your brain will automatically cause you to follow and carry-out any instructions it receives from your mind”, then the question... Continue Reading

The Beginning of Hypnosis

My interest in hypnosis all started as a young boy (maybe eight or nine) when I overheard a conversation in which a cousin was telling my relatives about a “stage-show... Continue Reading

A Chicken Plague!

My first experience with actually applying “hypnosis” (at least that’s what my next door neighbor, Gary Asay, and I called it) was on his dad’s chickens! By laying a chicken... Continue Reading

My First Encounter With Hypnosis

For a decade or more, from the time of my cousin’s story of the hypnotist (see The Beginning), I tried to rationalize how one person (the hypnotist) could determine another person’s... Continue Reading

Change in Behavior

Almost every person who comes to see me about making a change in behavior, when asked: “what behavior do you want to change with hypnosis?” they say I want to... Continue Reading