Hypnotherapy and NOW

Have you ever wondered how long NOW is? Well it is not very long; it is so short that this one is gone! But somehow you can’t get out of now. You cannot do anything in the past; you can’t do anything in the future; 166150465everything you have ever experienced has happened in this microsecond of now. You need to plan for the future so when that now gets here you are poised to take action. On the other hand all of your experiences of the past do not exist in this moment of now—they exist only in your mind. Worrying about things in the past doesn’t change them nor does worrying about things in the future change them in this microsecond of now. Once my hypnotherapy clients grasp the concept of living in the now (now I don’t smoke; in this now my actions are consistent with one who is fit and healthy; in this now, while flying, I am safe ….) maintaining the behavioral change for which they sought hypnotherapy to create becomes much easier and soon becomes a habit.  By taking care of this moment of now everything falls into place—so have a wonderful NOW!