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About Hypnosis



What is Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a conscious state of sleep



The process, that determines human behavior (how we physically, mentally and emotionally feel and act) is always taking place in our brain.

I am convinced that this brain process can be intentionally accessed for changing unwanted behavior when in a state of hypnosis.

I define the state of hypnosis as being a conscious state of sleep. In fact, the word hypnosis is a derivation of the Greek word meaning sleep. When in a state of hypnosis our brain is more open to accepting suggestions than in any other state of consciousness.

If a hypnotic subject was not conscious, how would they know or understand a hypnotic suggestion? But that is also the reason a hypnotist cannot make a subject do something that would violate their basic moral or ethical standards—because at every moment the subject is perfectly aware and would reject any suggestion that would be in conflict with their standards.

Many people falsely believe that while “hypnotized” the subject is unconscious and unaware.


Rather than calling the process hypnosis, or hypnotism, I prefer to call it Suggestionism.

Simply put:  A suggestion is a set of words creates in the human brain a perception.  Our brain takes the perception, interacts with our neural system, and automatically triggers the behavior based on the suggestion.

Yes, hypnosis is a mental state.  And yes, a person does go into a state of hypnosis. However, just being in a state of hypnosis does not cause anything to happen, until our brain receives a suggestion that creates a perception.

We don’t need to be in a state of hypnosis for the process to work, it just works best, for changing behavior, when in a conscious state of sleep.

With every client that comes to my office, wanting to change a behavior that they are dissatisfied with, I lead them through a series of demonstrations that confirms that their brain will automatically follow and carry out any instructions it receives from their mind; and that the only communication between mind and brain are their self-perceptions.

I simply help my clients change their self-perceptions and the new desired behavior just happens.



If interested, I would be pleased to help you change your self-perceptions and create a new way of life consistent with the behavior that you would choose for you.

Give me a call or send me a text at 480-695-5404.