Hypnotherapy can change your life.


If you could change something about your life…What would it be??

Whether you wish to…

  • Quit smoking
  • Lose weight
  • Remove stress and anxieties
  • Get over fears and phobias
  • Stop procrastinating and get stuff done

…hypnotherapy can make it happen.

Now I know what you are thinking….Does it actually work?? Can hypnotherapy really break habits I have been doing for years?

The answer is simple…YES!

My approach to hypnotherapy is different from other hypnotists. For over 44 years as a hypnotist I have helped thousands of people in the Greater Phoenix Area to live a healthier, more peaceful and productive life. Allowing them to enjoy living free of self limitations.

Now Im not here to tell you what you should be doing. If fact, you probably already know what you should be doing to enjoy a more healthy life—whether it is to quit smoking, break the habit of drug or alcohol use, eat healthier or engage in regular exercise. You most likely already know what you should be doing to enhance your professional, social and family life. And you undoubtedly know that stress, anxieties, anger and worry never made anything better.

You don’t need more knowledge about what you should or should not be doing, you just need to change the behavior, but for some reason it just never happens.

Perhaps, you just keep putting things off because you have a false self-perception that either you can’t do it (lack the ability or it’s too hard) or you shouldn’t do it (fear of what would people think of you if you do).

With my approach to hypnosis, I remove those false perceptions (get you out of your own way so to speak) and implant in your brain, through hypnotic suggestions, a new self-perceptions that automatically brings about a change in your behavior.


So why not do it now with hypnotherapy?

If you have any questions, or want to make an appointment, contact me by phone 480.966.8571 or email me by clicking on hypnotherapist@lbrady.com. I will be happy to answer all of your questions.

Hypnosis can change your life.

Call now to start your journey.