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Quit smoking, lose weight, overcome anxiety and more.

Do it NOW with Hypnosis.
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If you could change something about your life...

Quit Smoking

Overcome Anxiety

Lose Weight

Overcome Fears

Reduce Stress

Manage Anger

Hypnotherapy can make it happen, now.

  • Andrea M.

    I am a 6 month non smoking and have no desires to smoke, thank goodness.  I can’t thank you enough for that one. I came back to you for weight loss and that is going good as well.  I have lost 16 lbs. since I saw you in your office via a treadmill and eating healthier, so I am very happy with these results and look forward to getting into my size 10 jeans soon. The mind is a powerful thing as you well know.  I am very strong willed, but for me, I really needed your help to make my perceptions of the above more clear. I have only listened to the non smoking CD once, the weight loss I have listened to 4 times now to help me stay focused and positive.  I do still eat some of my favorite foods, but in much smaller portions.  But overall I have chosen healthier foods for my daily life.   I never have and never will believe in “Diets”, you have to make your choices a way of life.  That frozen stuff that comes out of a box is not for me.

    Andrea M.
  • I saw you about 10 years ago and you changed my life. I can’t thank you enough for how you helped me to be more assertive. I left a bad relationship, and I am now married to a wonderful woman and we have 3 beautiful kids. I think you helped me to get all of that. I just came back to Phoenix, and heard your ad on KFYI, and would love to see you again. 
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Bradian Hypnotherapy: This is a unique hypnotherapy approach used to change how you feel and act. The session takes about 60 minutes and is divided into two parts:

Part 1: The Demonstration
We will talk about the behavior you want to change, the reasons you want to change it. I will also lead you through a series of small demonstrations that will prove to you your ability to use your mind to tell your brain how to act and feel — your mind knows how to tell your brain to act and feel like a healthy, confident, peaceful person.

Part 2: The Hypnotic Induction
This is the suggestion portion which will be recorded on a CD that you’ll take home in case you ever feel like you need reinforcement. By the end of the session you will be relaxed, peaceful, rested and feeling like the person you want to be.

Ready to get started? Follow the steps below to set up an appointment with me.
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Whether you want to lose weight or stop smoking, hypnosis can be very useful. However, you have to be the one that wants to change. My job is not to tell you what to do or how to live your life–it’s simply to facilitate change in your self-perception so you can achieve your own goals.
The only things standing in the way of you and a happier, healthier, and more productive life are your fears and self-limitations. With my hypnotherapy services, you get the guidance you need to remove the false perceptions and bring about positive life changes.

For over 44 years as a hypnotist I have helped thousands of people in the Greater Phoenix Area live healthier, more peaceful and productive lives.


My fee is $310 for the first session and $105 for any additional sessions (even if additional sessions are for a different issue).
Most of the time only one session is needed. I will also make a take-home CD recording of your session should you feel you
need to reinforce the suggestions given during the session.

First Session


Usually only 1 session is needed

  • Includes:
    A 60 Minute One-On-One Session
  • A CD Recording Of Your Session

Additional Sessions


  • Includes:
    A 60 Minute One-On-One Session
  • A CD Recording Of Your Session